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Setting Students up for Success During the Summer with Digital Learning Resources for Parents & Families 

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Ignite at-home learning and foster quality family interactions this summer with family resources from Discovery Education and our corporate and community partners! 

    Healthy habits are essential for students to maintain balance, even during the summer. Fortunately, families can learn to make healthier decisions together with a variety of interactive eTools that can be applied to improving students daily lives. These simple on-the-go resources include practical tips, activities, information, and more! 
    Discovery Education’s  STEM resources make cutting-edge scientific exploration and innovation easily accessible through fun, ready-to-use interactive content. Families can assist students as they dive into unique project-based challenges and other activities that inspire passion and productivity in crucial 21st century learning areas. 
    As families face the challenges of the new normal, social and emotional wellness have become even more crucial. Students and families can develop new skills to persevere through these obstacles compassionately with easy-to-use virtual resources that unlock the power of Social and Emotional Learning. Parents can help students actively engage in the fundamental SEL skills they’ll need to mature as students and people 
    During these difficult economic times, parents can lean on Discovery Education’s versatile financial literacy eLearning resources to help put students on the path to a brighter future. Using a variety of self-paced digital lessons, activities, and more, students are able to develop important financial habits which they can turn into tangible success down the road.  



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