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The STEM Careers Coalition Marks Second Anniversary with Expanded Career Readiness Resources and New Industry Partners

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The STEM Careers Coalition™ – the first-of-its-kind national STEM initiative powered by corporate and non-profit leaders?and anchored in schools by Discovery Education – marks its second anniversary by welcoming new members and offering educators, students, and families nationwide an expanded collection of no-cost digital resources. To date, the STEM Careers Coalition™ has reached more than 4.5 million students in its mission to build the next generation of diverse STEM solution-seekers. 

Building upon the dynamic array of hands-on resources, the Coalition is introducing new experiences to further support students’ career preparedness. Designed to engage high schoolers in the world of STEM, these interactive resources help students focus on their career goals with simple strategies, roadmaps, and other easy-to-use digital tools. Created in partnership with NAF, a national network of education, business, and community leaders dedicated to supporting student outcomes and future readiness in high-need communities, this robust series of post-secondary exploration activities connects classroom learning to careers and provides tools to help students build professional identities and digital presence. 

The partners of the STEM Careers Coalition™ share a common goal of empowering educators to teach STEM effectively in the classroom with an intentional focus on racial and gender equity. Representing a range of industry sectors, the STEM Careers Coalition™ seeks to prepare 10 million students for the future of work by 2025 by providing equitable access to digital content and experiences that engage students in instruction, build foundational STEM knowledge, and develop the critical skills students need for college and career success. In 2021, the Coalition welcomed new members Stanley Black & Decker, NAF, Sanofi, DuPont, AstraZeneca, Keysight Technologies, Capital Power, and TGR Foundation. View the complete list of STEM Career Coalition™ partners here. 

“All students deserve access to opportunities to be successful,” said Bill Taylor, Vice President of Outreach & Partnership Development at NAF. “As a STEM Careers Coalition member, we are helping students thrive by empowering communities to increase access to opportunities to build STEM skills that will help students thrive.” 

“DuPont is proud to join the STEM Careers Coalition and support the mission of helping students discover and curate personal pathways to STEM careers,” said Jon Kemp, President, DuPont Electronics & Industrial. “Alongside our incredible partners in the Coalition, we are helping ensure STEM equity in education across the United States and building a stronger future for all.” 

In addition to creating careers content through a diversity lens, each Coalition partner commits to improving STEM education for all students, with a specific focus on addressing equity by providing access to the award-winning Discovery Education K-12 learning platform for key communities. Connecting educators to a vast collection of standards-aligned resources and professional learning content, the Discovery Education learning platform is helping educators facilitate?engaging, daily instruction in any learning environment. School communities can also engage additional digital resources in the STEM Careers Channel within the Discovery Education K-12 learning platform which features real-world career profiles, student activities, classroom lessons, virtual field trips, and more highlighting a wide range of fascinating STEM careers.  

All Coalition resources are available at, and through Discovery Education’s K-12 learning platform on the STEM Careers Channel. 

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