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SEL Adventures Students Will Love 

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Find engaging ways to explore self-love, compassion, and social awareness this Valentine’s Day with the pro-social animated world of La Golda. Through the adventures of La Golda and her diverse team of friends, elementary students can investigate relevant and sometimes challenging topics with empathy and an open mind.  

Get to the Heart of Student Wellbeing 

A series of uplifting animated videos and hands-on companion activities create easy opportunities to kickstart conversation and collaboration between students around SEL essentials. Each video follows the experiences of La Golda and her friends, offering a concrete reference point that educators can use to address the real-world challenges and stress students experience daily. 

The animated series offers positive ways to get students in grades 3–5 thinking proactively about topics like inclusion, goal-setting, food scarcity, and more. Each La Golda video brings to life the importance of resilience and dedication when facing obstacles, along with the power of teamwork to solve challenges and unite unique perspectives. 

Embracing SEL Competencies 

Educators can combine experiential learning and real-world data with La Golda student activities. Each activity aligns to a concept highlighted in the video series. The activities offer students simple ways to experience the benefits of social awareness skills for themselves, using basic tools like self-reflection and group collaboration. Students are encouraged to take ideas developed in the La Golda series and apply them in real life, both in and out of the classroom. 

Caring About Students’ World 

La Golda resources encourage educators to bring timely and relevant real-world topics into the classroom, creating a supportive space for students to evaluate their own feelings about important issues both locally and globally: 

  • Technology: Explore ways students can apply their own tech savviness to create real change. 
  • Gender Equality: Show students how La Golda and team empower both boys and girls to succeed equally. 
  • Hunger: Take students inside surprising real-world data regarding food insecurity in the United States. 
  • Accomplishing Goals: Equip students with self-management skills using the SMART framework. 

The student activities are standards-aligned and flexibly designed for 45–60 minute sessions. La Golda was designed by UnitedHealthcare and Discovery Education to inspire the healthiest generation yet, through interactive resources available on the LaGolda SEL Resources by UnitedHealthcare channel in Discovery Education’s K-12 learning platform. Let students fall in love with the fun animated community of LaGolda and jump right into exciting SEL explorations that set students up for a lifetime of social connection and success. 

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