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The Countdown is On! 5Sigma Launch: The Power of Student Agency (featuring keynote speaker @gcouros)

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We are in full-on countdown mode for our yearly education conference, 5Sigma. It’s hard to believe that it is just 10 days away! This year our theme is Launch: The Power of Student Agency.

I could not be more excited for our fifth annual conference! Each year we work to include educators who have inspired our work. This year is no exception. We have a pretty incredible lineup! Including George Couros (Author of Innovator’s Mindset) as our Keynote! I’m so thankful for the way that each of the people you see below have shaped me, and inspired me. I know they will do the same for you!

Some things that you can look forward to at the 5Sigma Edu Conference:

  1. We will spoil you (because you do hard work every day, and deserve a weekend of being spoiled).
  2. You will leave inspired, changed, and with practical ways to “launch” (did you see the lineup below? I mean….)
  3. Two incredible food trucks including the famous Mac ‘N Cheese truck!!
  4. Happy hour meet up (because we are convinced that the Happy Hour is Education’s Magic Bullet).
  5. You will see what happens when students are empowered (we can’t wait for you to meet the students of Anastasis, they are seriously the COOLEST! *slight bias*)
  6. The opportunity to talk shop: have you ever dreamed of starting a school? Re-imagining assessment? Throwing away the one-size-fits-all curriculum? Ditching homework? Ditching the test?  Team Anastasis will share how we’ve done it, what we’ve learned along the way, share our insight into what not to do, and be transparent.

We’re excited to meet you! If you haven’t already registered, it isn’t too late! Learn more and register at  If you need help requesting the professional development dollars to attend, we are happy to help out, customize our template letter.

Friday Breakout Sessions
  • Don’t Get Ready; Get Started! with Noah Geisel
  • Strategic PD Planning with Design Thinking
    with Alex Inman
  • Students as Curators: Moving From Student to Learner with Nancy White
  • Tomorrow Was Yesterday with Kyle Erlenbeck
  • Maker Centered Learning with Colin Reynolds
  • Ingredients of Modern Instructional Design
    with Bob Dillon & Kristina Ishmael
Saturday Breakout Sessions1
  • Finding Motivation with Kristina Ishmael & Zac Chase
  • A Computer Science State of Mind 
    with Jeremy Macdonald
  • Honoring Student Agency Through Assessment Practices with Kelly Tenkely
  • Maker Centered Learning with Colin Reynolds
  • Cultivating Creative Thinking – It’s Not Just
    for Art Class!
    with Michelle Baldwin
  • A Computer Science State of Mind with
    Jeremy Macdonald

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